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Suture technique and closure instrumentation the latitude surgical technique has been developed in conjunction with. To avoid potential loss of reduction, the provisional use of a bone holding clamp or kwire is recommended throughout preparation and insertion of the compression screw. A technical drawing of 50mm acutrak 45 above and acutrak plus screws below used with permission from acumed, llc, hillsboro, or. The acutrak plus compression screw apcs acumed inc. Acumed llc is a global leader of innovative orthopaedic implant solutions. If the screw will be left proud, add the screw head height to the selected screw. Sterilepacked, these innovative screws provide compression fixation for use in fusions, osteotomies, and small periarticular fractures.

Along with an allinclusive list of the spinal instruments available today, the book offers direct comparisons of each system to help you make an informed and confident selection. B photo of the 50mm acutrak 45 screw above and acutrak plus screw below. Redline surgical is a leading medical device distribution and consulting company in san diego and carlsbad, ca. Should full threaded compression screws be used in adult femoral. A simple technique for arthroscopic suture fixation of displaced fracture of the intercondylar eminence of the tibia using folded surgical steels. Orthopedic hardware uw radiology university of washington. Repeat the previous step till the stn protrudes 1cm out over the footprint. From bunion correction to trauma management, the biocompression screw provides excellent compression and holding power maintained throughout the normal healing period. The first screw driver covers the proximal threads. The acutrak screw may therefore have some of the advantages of the herbert screw in being headless, having a variable pitch, and also providing improved interfragmentary compression. Headless selfcompressing cannulated screw fixation for. Internal fixation of fifth metatarsal metaphysealdiaphyseal.

The surgical procedure has previously been described in several other papers. Check the length of the screw, advance the guide wire into the distal radius, drill and prepare the bones, and insert the appropriate length screw. Advanced implant technology and straightforward instrumentation enable the acutrak systems to be an effective means of fixation for a wide variety of indica tions. The introduction of the acutrak 67 brings that same stability to subtalar. Orthopaedists at our institution are now using the acutrak screw for the treatment of most scaphoid fractures. With the acutrak headless compression screw,acumed has designed an advanced solution for repairing fractures,performing joint fusions,and fixing osteotomies throughout the upper and lower extremities. However, this screw was broken, despite the absence of any obvious trauma mechanism. An ex vivo study indicated that the acutrak screw produces compression comparable to a fully threaded ao 4. Anteroposterior radiograph showing arthrodesis using a acutrak 2 headless.

Oct 03, 2010 acutrak or cannulated herbert screws are commonly used and most biomechanical studies suggest that the acutrak screw generates greater compression than the herbert screw 4, 18, 28. Arthroscopy was performed prior to surgical repair in three cases. We report a case of fixation of a scaphoid fracture using an acutrak screw. Advance the guide wire down the central axis of the capitate, correct the disi deformity of the lunate, then pass the wire into the lunate in its reduced position. Nov 02, 2015 more information about acutrak screw technology, including a screw pin reference chart with all of the acutrak and acutrak 2 screw sizes and the indications they treat, can be found on the acutrak 2 product page. The journal of hand surgery asianpacific volume vol 10. Turn the proximal handle counterclockwise 12 turn to relax the monofilament suture for an easy capture with a grasper. All these factors have made arthroscopic surgery, our first choice technique for ankle and subtalar arthrodesis. Place the depth gauge over the wire to determine screw length.

Conversion is not necessarily a failure but may be used as a quality indicator, and conversion rates for minimally invasive cardiac surgery procedures have declined substantially with increasing experience at our institution figure 2. Operative treatment consisting of fracture reduction and. The acutrak family is comprised of the acutrak standard, acutrak mini, acutrak fusion, acutrak plus, acutrak 45, and acutrak 67 implants. For cement augmentation refer to the package inserts and the surgical technique manual for confidence spinal cement system or the vmax mixing and delivery system and the vertebroplastic radiopaque resinous material. Acumed acutrak 2 headless compression screw system surgical technique. Get expert, stepbystep guidance on a wide variety of both open and interventional cardiac surgical techniques. We are never going to know the history, physical findings, surgical findings and. We experienced good results following surgery using a single acutrak 45 screw to obtain sufficient stability for an odontoid fracture in a patient with osteopenia. The polyaxial screw design allows the surgeon to use a toploading technique for dropping the. Arthroscopic suture fixation of tibial eminence fractures.

Secondary surgery with screw removal was required in 11 cases due to screw. The acumed acutrak headless compression screw system has changed the way surgeons gain fixation and maintain compression. Technique guides for comprehensive surgical procedure and system information. For smallbone fractures, fusions and osteotomies rely on acumeds acutrak 2 headless compression screw system.

Chapter 2 dart fire small screw system surgical technique figure 8 veri. Acumed acumed acutrak 2 headless compression screw system. Surgical treatment is by percutaneous or open surgical fixation with standard ce marked headless compression screws 14, 23,24 which avoid the pressure effects of the screw head on articular. According to the buckgramcko system, the treatment of type ii triphalangism comprises excision of the short triangular bone, the delta fragment fig. The sequoia pedicle screw system consisting of open style polyaxial screws, titanium rods varying lengths and connectors is intended to provide temporary stabilization following surgery to fuse the spine. Intramedullary headless compression screw fixation has been performed in a retrograde manner. Atlas of cardiac surgical techniques, 2nd edition, helps you expand your surgical repertoire and hone your skills with a vividly illustrated, easytonavigate text, procedural videos online, and pearls and pitfalls throughout. Pdf percutaneous screw fixation versus conservative.

It provide interfragmentary compression by using 2 screw drivers. Our elearning platform contains high resolution images and a certified cme of the intramedullary fixation of metacarpal fracture using the acutrak compression screw surgical procedure. Acutrak 2 headless compression screw system acumed. New surgical techniques and surgical site infections. Like all acutrak screws, the key to the acutwist design is the patented, variable thread pitch and tapered profile. Acutrak 2 headless compression screw system overview duration.

Arthroscopic ankle and subtalar arthrodesis indications and. Acumed acutrak 2 eadless compression scre system surgical technique 3 determine screw length measure guide wire length using either the percutaneous screw sizer, or by placing a second wire at the entry point and subtracting the difference. Arthroscopic fixation of osteochondritis dissecans of the knee. The variablestepped thread pitch and headless design help reduce the risk of profile complications, provide compression, and allow for simplified insertion. The acutrak headless compression screw system is designed to provide fixation in repairing fractures, performing joint fusions, and fixing. Slide the screw through the washer until it contacts the head and insert the screw over the kwire as detailed above. The acutrak screws used for internal fixation of fifth metatarsal metaphysealdiaphyseal stress fractures. Developed with surgeon feedback, acutrak 2 products address nearly 20 of the most common indications in the hand, wrist, foot and ankle. The fully threaded length assists in maintaining compression through cyclic loading. A comprehensively updated text takes account of new developments in surgical techniques and equipment. The innovative design of the screws includes a patented taper, variable thread pitch, and fully threaded length to provide strong compression and holding power for fractures, osteotomies, and fusions. A new final chapter on surgical craftsmanship brings the skills all together for the surgeon in the operating theatre, uniting and applying the relevant factors in the correct sequence and focussing on getting it right first time. The acutrak system eliminates the need to countersink a head,drill a glide hole or,in many cases, make large incisions. The acutrak headless compression screw system is designed to provide fixation in repairing fractures, performing joint fusions, and fixing osteotomies throughout the upper and lower extremities.

Ao headless screw appears similar to a herbert screw with a smooth shaft at the centre, but it has the same pitch at either ends. Sharcft and taylor stitcher surgical technique ncs lab medical devices factory surgical technique 6. The benefit of the present technique is the allarthroscopic fixation, avoiding an arthrotomy, the stimulation. Prior to use, provisional reduction of the proposed arthrodesis site, osteotomy, or fracture fragment is achieved. In addition, the apcs is an intramedullary implant that can achieve stable fixation with minimum soft tissue dissection, and is the authors preferred. Acutrak headless compression screw has revolutionized the way surgeons gain fixation. Scaphoid fracture fixation with an acutrak screw sciencedirect. The family is comprised of nearly 70 unique screw size options, from 2mm x 8mm up to 7. The newer generations of compressions screws, such as the acutrak acumed, hillsboro, or. Since 1994, the acutrak has simplified surgical procedures,reduced postop complications and improved the quality of patient outcomes.

Net surgical technique act000002 effective 32005 with more than twice the holding power of a headed screw,the acutrak headless compression screw has been used successfully throughout the upper extremity and forefoot. The introduction of any new surgical technique involves a learning. In two cases, a fissure within the radial carpal bone was more clearly apparent when oblique indirect illumination was employed at arthrotomy. Acutrak 2 headless compression screw system micro, mini. Shawn odriscoll, md, phd mayo foundation, ken yamaguchi, md washington university, barnes jewish hospital graham king, md, msc university of western ontario 2 table of contents table. Surgeons can now achieve zeroprofile, stable fixation. Since its introduction in 1994, the acutrak headless compression screw technology has revolutionized the way surgeons treat fractures.

Applications in the foot and ankle include ocds, fractures, osteotomies and arthrodesis of the tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges. Arthroscopic ankle and subtalar arthrodesis induces less trauma to the soft tisues and this translates in a lower complication rate, a shorter hospital stay, an early mobilization and a higher success rate. We have performed the surgical procedure on the patients with the fracture of the scaphoid using mini acutrak screws acumed, inc. Jan 01, 2011 it not only highlights the newest devices, but also gives you the clinical guidelines you need to choose and apply the best implant for any surgical situation. The countersink drill bit and the tip of the screw driver broke. Another biomechanical study states that the cannulated herbert screw produces almost the same amount of compression as the acutrak screw 1. Following acutrak screw placement via arthrotomy, external coaptation was applied in all cases for a period of two weeks. For some reason, many radiologists freak out when they are faced with reading out films with orthopedic hardware, and will mumble something vague along the lines of orthopedic hardware is seen and surgical changes are noted, for fear that they will say something dumb and the orthopedists will laugh at them.

Medical device distribution carlsbad ca redline surgical. This screw is cannulated and headless, which allows it to be. Our products include biologics, cement solutions and more. In two cases, a fissure within the radial carpal bone was more clearly apparent when oblique indirect illumination was. Stepbystep animated instructions of acumeds recommended surgical procedure using the. These clinical cases generated our interest in the current surgical technique report. To report the application and clinical outcome of the treatment of radial carpal bone fracture in five dogs using a variablypitched, headless cannulated compression screw acutrak r.

The preoperative planning process should take qualitative and quantitative factors including patient bone quality, density, and morphology into consideration in order to evaluate and select the appropriate. Comparison of headless screws used in the treatment of. The acutrak 2 headless compression screw is the next generation in fixation. Learn the intramedullary fixation of metacarpal fracture using the acutrak compression screw surgical technique with step by step instructions on orthoracle. Nov 01, 2016 acumed acu sinch surgical technique curmed ag. Arthrodesis of the distal interphalangeal joint and the thumb. Pdf new screw acutrak in the surgical treatment of elite. Oct 12, 20 the direct anterior screw fixation of odontoid fractures by a single cancellous screw, especially for osteoporotic vertebrae, has a potential risk of leading to insufficient stability and implant failures. Acutrak screw is fully threaded with a greater pitch at the tip and a smaller pitch at the head end.

The screw sizer cannot be used with the arthroscopic technique due to the limited access. Surgical treatment for nonunion of the scaphoid using a mini acutrak screw was performed. New screw acutrak in the surgical treatment of elite football players with fifth metatarsal article pdf available in acta ortopedica brasileira 175. The titanium compression ft fully threaded screws come in 2. Anterior screw fixation for an odontoid fracture using an. This surgical technique is possible for most unstable icrs ocd grade iii lesions and some grade. In two cases, a fissure within the radial carpal bone was more clearly apparent when. Radial styloid fracture reduction animated surgical technique.

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